Outsource 2D CAD Services for Technical Excellence & Cost Effectiveness

The AEC industry has witnessed several ups and downs in the last decade, more or less reciprocating to the rise and fall of oil prices and factors alike. This resulted in adherence to cost cutting measures where large architectural design firms moved into small offices. This also compelled them to lay off some of the key resources that they do not need all the time. 

However; managing building construction projects without them would and could harm the success of the project. The most prominent was collaborating or sharing various parts of the construction project with other stakeholders in the same capacity, which their reduced manpower resources were not able to accomplish.

Outsourcing these roles and responsibilities, proved really helpful to these businesses in keeping their projects going and businesses afloat. The list of resources that were outsourced remarkably includes CAD drafters, BIM 3D modelers, structural designers and engineers, CAD and BIM specialists, MEP CAD professionals, mechanical as well as electrical engineers and many more. 

Architectural drafters top the list of outsourced services in the last decade and the AEC firms have been successful in achieving cost efficiency, and managing the work even after letting go folks who were employed full time but weren’t needed. If you are one of the firms who has let go such folks and do not have a drafting department, outsourcing can help you big time.

Do your Math right

Contracts hourly rates cost you a fortune if compared to employee hourly rates, then how is it beneficial? The reason how they prove to be cost effective is that there are no additional overheads associated to these contracts in terms of vacation pay, Tax pay, Bonuses, and so on and so forth when you employ a design consultant. 

It’s quite straightforward that you only pay for what you avail. Also you have the option to not to call them back if you aren’t satisfied with the service; you spare the formalities & might as well move on to someone better. The second best part is saving the headache and overheads of infrastructure and effective CADD stations with GIS capabilities which can cost you up to around $15000. But if your drafter is not occupied for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week; how will you reach the breakeven? 

Quality over Everything 

Especially with concurrent market dynamics when work is scarce and competition is cut throat, spending adequate and quality time in growing and nurturing the business becomes more than necessary. Architects, Engineers and construction professionals, may be are the best on site, but may fail miserably when it comes to data analysis and report writing. 

Irrespective of the fact that their employees are technically sound, their methods are latest, but if the drawings don’t look technically correct and brilliant, they fail. Humans have a tendency to look and interpret “pictures” instead of reading texts, and this is what should be considered for putting in extra efforts to emphasize the quality of drawings with help of professionals at cost effective rates.

Ever heard of a design firm delivering two sets of drawings, on for the client’s brainy set of people and another for the management who do not understand technicalities, but just the progress of the project and cost involved. No - never, would someone do this. Best 2D Drafters are the ones who prepare drawings that can be understood by anyone who looks at it. These are the drafters, outsourcing CADD services providers have onboard, and you had to let off them due to cost implications.

Chose trained over training

As mentioned earlier, due to increased competition and less work, delivering projects in time - every time becomes one of the important aspect. You think upon taking up 2D CAD drawing projects for 2D representations of interior planning and demarcations, floor plans, presentation drawings, building elevation drawings, furniture detailing and many more can leave architectural firms with time to train their in-house drafters? It is practically impossible. However; outsourcing 2D architectural CAD services support designs of all types of buildings including Commercial, government, industrial facilities, Institutional and residential.

They are already trained and can transform conceptual architecture design sketches to detailed 2D CAD drawings enabling architects, contractors and construction firms in making informed decisions for improved productivity of building development projects.


While architectural firms focus on client requirements, their outsourcing 2D CAD partners concentrate on location drawings and general arrangement drawings, assembly drawings, building elements and details, component drawings, projections, working drawings & a lot more. Outsourcing services have proven their worth as an ongoing and effective way to save money and still provide clients with technical excellence. This is the time, Join the bandwagon o reap timely benefits.

Hiral Patel

Hiral Patel is a news editor and has been contributing to the CAD industry since last 7 years. She mainly writes about the application of BIM across Architecture, MEP and Structural, Mechanical sectors. Her focus is towards encouraging construction companies, sub-contractors and architects to adopt right technologies to improve efficiency and profitability.